Guanabana Cancer Cure – Health Benefits of Guanabana

Health Benefits of Guanabana Cancer


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Guanabana is a fruit from the guanabana tree, found in places like Brazil, the Amazon forest, and other Caribbean islands. It also goes by the name of Graviola, sousop, but here in the United States for some it is still known as Guanabana. Some use it to make fruit juices, sherbets, etc. It has a nice sweet white pulp and some are even able to eat it out of hand. Guanabana according to research that was done by a pharmaceutical company may have cancer curing capabilities. It may be the miraculous cancer cure because it was found to be a potent cancer cell killer that was much stronger than chemotherapy.

 Guanabana Cancer treatment?

The guanabana tree produces the fruit guanabana and this fruit in particular can revolutionize what the world thinks about cancer treatment, so much so that even the Health Sciences Institute reported back on  it in 2001 and I quote  “today the future of cancer treatment and chances of survival look more promising than ever.”

So why haven’t we heard more about this guanabana fruit as the new cure for cancer, now in 2012, or why isn’t every healthy publication talking about the benefits of this treatment and made widely available, especially by every oncologist at every major hospital?

Well permit me if I may give you a brief history lesson as to why it didn’t make a lot of noise then and why it still isn’t the miraculous treatment for cancer now, and this is not to say that it very well couldn’t be.


Again according to the Health Sciences Institute the pharmaceutical company that discovered the miraculous healing power in the guanabana fruit, spent years trying to isolate tow of the tree’s most powerful anti cancerous ingredients, but unfortunately for them  they could not replicate the original ingredients, so with this all they were left with were the tree’s extract and since we have federal laws that state that natural substances unfortunately cannot be patented, therefore the company felt like they wasted their time and money and shut down the project and research.

So due to their frustrations they decided if they couldn’t profit from what they had discovered then no one else should be able to and so they didn’t publish their findings about the guanabana fruit.  But one of the researchers in the group decided that this was too big of a discovery to keep secret and couldn’t hide the fact that they may have discovered the cancer killer.

Guanabana Health Benefit

According to research that this pharmaceutical company had done and other companies as well it was reported that the Guanabana fruit had been shown to in fact kill cancerous cells. Why was this such a huge discovery, simply because it may be the cure that would help eradicate the big players like breast cancer, which millions of women are diagnosed with everyday, in fact 1 out of every 8 women may be diagnosed with this cancer in their lifetime. How about lung cancer, which is another killer, killing millions each year, not to mention colon cancer, prostate cancer and even pancreatic cancers?


Over the past few years, many companies have tried to look into this guanabana fruit because of the possible medicinal benefits it may have as far as attacking the cancer safely and leaving your healthy cells alone. Not causing you to have extreme nausea, weight loss, hair loss which we know are side effects of most chemotherapy drugs. It also can make you feel stronger and healthier and boost your energy and improve your outlook on life. Again reiterating, no reason as of yet has been approved to be done in human clinical trial so this is still relatively new and perhaps maybe something we hear more of in the near future.  Some people have chosen to take the dietary supplements and implement that as part of their treatment, if you are an individual considering to take this route it is best to talk to your physician and of course do your research. Graviola Side effects

There is no denying that guanabana may have some medicinal benefits but for the moment in time it is not to be utilized as an alternative to the other treatments your physician recommends for your cancer.  Just keep in mind that since 1976 this fruit has been proven according to research to be a potent cancer killer but like previously said no double blind clinical trials which are used to judge the value of a treatment were ever initiated. Hence, where the problem lies, because without clinical trials done, and more so because it is now classified as an herbal supplement or can be found in extract form, it may be  a while until we know if is in fact a cure for some cancers. So with this said without or until human trials are done it would be difficult to know with certainty. Guanabana el contra cancer

Disclaimer: Before starting any new supplements or vitamins please talk  it over with your physician. guanabana cancer cure