Graviola Benefits – Health Benefits of Graviola

Graviola Benefits – Health Benefits of Graviola

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Graviola Benefits
Graviola Health benefits

Graviola, also known as paw-paw or soursop, is a tropical rainforest fruit-bearing tree that has leaves that are dark green and grows up to a height of six meters. The Graviola fruit has a yellowish green color and has a diameter of around 20cm. The flesh of the fruit, white in color, is edible and is generally used in drinks and desserts.

Research to understand the healing properties of Graviola started earlier in the 70’s when initial experiments showed that the fruit contains phytochemicals- chemicals that have the ability to strengthen body functions and the immune system. Recent results, however, also added that the Graviola stem extracts have the property of eliminating cancerous cells, both- malignant and benign.

Further research also showed that the bark, fruit seeds, leaves and stem of the Graviola possess Annonaceous Acetognins that not only help in curing cancer, but also preventing it. The fruit serves double benefits for this fatal disease- not only does it cure patients, but also eliminates the chance of the disease inflicting them again in future. Typically, cancer recurs in most cases despite the patient being completely healed.

The benefit of Graviola as a cancer cure can be attributed to the powerful anti-carcinogens and cytoxins that are contained in the Graviola acetogenins. These chemicals kill cancer cells by limiting any kind of abnormal cell-mutation. The treatment using this wonder-fruit has been shown to produce positive results in cases of lung, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Cancer cells are generally produced due to the hyperactivity of nucleotides such as NADP and ATP. These compounds also resist drugs thereby rendering all treatment futile. The annocaeous acetogenins found in the Graviola fruit inhibit over-production of these chemicals thereby fighting against the fatal disease.

Other Graviola Benefits

The Graviola benefits  are a lot aside from being a cancer cure. It has been used over the years as a treatment for various diseases like cold and cough, flu, cardiovascular ailments and inflammations. The decoctions or extracts from the stem and leaves of the tree are also used externally as cures for neuralgia, arthritis and rheumatism. The leaves when crushed and spread on the bed also help in alleviating sleep problems like insomnia.

The Graviola fruit has been officially certified as an efficacious preventive aid and treatment for cancer and is being sold in a number of varieties of supplements in the market. However, it should be kept in mind that since this medication is completely herbal, the curative properties would be effective only if it is complemented with healthy lifestyle. other Graviola Benefits resources

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